Re: GNOME instalation directory

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Mark R. Buechler wrote:
> > Is GNOME able to be installed into a directory other than /usr or
> > /usr/local? I've installed it in /opt/gnome and it refuses to run.
> >
> Yes, use the --prefix option to configure or If you did that,
> the problem is likely something else (my Gnome works in ~/local and
> /usr/local/pkgs/gnome, for example). Send more info - which app won't run,
> what it does instead of running, any error messages.
> Havoc

The error messages I get I sent to the left a few emails back entitled
"Extreme difficulty".

In short, no app will run, all exit with "Gdk-ERROR**: an x io error
occured" or if I have the directories ~/.gnome and ~/.gnome_private, it
exits complaining that those direcories can't be created.

I have not had any success executing any gnome apps, even though they
seem to compile fine.


Mark R. Buechler, Mentasm System Administrator
Mentasm Network Information Services (

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