Problems with Balsa and a few suggestions

I just compiled Balsa from the 980924 snap at It works a lot better than 0.4.5 but I can't get it to show new messages in my local mailbox. I have to exit balsa and start it again for new mails to display in the inbox.

It also starts up showing none of the mailboxes, ie, it doesn't remeber which mailboxes were open last time it was run. It doesn't remember the size of the "mailbox list" that shows the mails either.

The look and feel is great though!

One more problem... I can't add a POP3 server, because no matter what I type for "Mailbox Name", "Server", "Username" or "Password", Balsa pops up a dialog telling me that 'Cannot create mailbox ": No such file or directory'

Am I doing something wrong?

A few suggestions: 

When deleting a mail, I think it would be nice if it would get transferred to the trash folder immediately, instead of getting that trash bin symbol in front of it... or at least have that as an option.

When composing, long lines get a little arrow to the right and the line continues on the next row. When the cursor is positioned below such a line and the user presses the up-arrow, he probably thinks that the cursor will go one line upwards but instead balsa treats the lines as one line and positions the cursos above all the lines. This is logical I guess, since the lines really are only -one- line, but it's really annoying when you are trying to edit a mail without using the mouse. Try it and see what I mean :)

Thanks for a great app, I'm sending this from Balsa :)

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