Re: Failed dependances -

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980920174146.26864F-100000@reflections.eng.mindspring
.net>, Todd Graham Lewis writes:
| On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Peter Petrakis wrote:
| > 	I've installed most of gnome except the games, guile, and libgtop rpms.
| > I get this error " is needed by gnome-games-0.27-1  ". What am I
| > missing? I'm running  RH 5.1 on an Alpha with all errata and updates applie
| d.
| > Thanks alot.    
| I think that that ranks up there as perhaps the most suprising error
| message ever generated by a GNOME program.  8^)

No, just a nice way to confuse people.  That's probably the Guile qthreads 
library, which I notice is referred to as -lqt.

Although one of the support libraries did try to link against Qt at one 
point... can't find it now, so perhaps it's been sanitized.  :-}

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