Re: future gnoffice reference (mswordview 0.4.0 released)

> ANFSCD: Here's a metaphysical question for people to answer: if you were
> to take netscape's NPL-licensed html->postscript code and turn it into a
> CORBA service, could you call that service from an incompatibly-licensed
> program? 

Yes.  Given that you would be exposing a very precise API trough

> What if your ORB actually linked the service into your address
> space?  

I would assume this is an implementation optimization, but the
interface between the corba client and the server would still be very
well defined (ie, the one you defined by the idl) so it would still be
ok to do it.

I think this can be summed up as: if you depend on the code being
dynamically linked into the executable by the ORB to run then you
should consider the code is really linked in.   Otherwise it is just
an optimization of the CORBA implementation.


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