Re: Future of GNOME

Mark Galassi writes:
>     >> Tcl-bindings for Gtk would also be a good idea.
>     Steven> Isn't guile suppost to (at some stage) be able to run tcl
>     Steven> code?  You would then be able to use the existing guile
>     Steven> bindings.
> That's a remote possibility, and RMS's push for Tcl->Guile translation 
> is based on an old piece of vaporware.
> Someone's actually working on it now, but it is unlikely that Tcl
> programmers will want to run it.

I'm currently working on Tcl->Guile.  Even if it succedes beyond my
wildest expectations it won't take the place of Tcl/GTK bindings -- it
would probably only be useful for using tcl with programs that have
Guile for a scripting language.  Language translation is no panacea.
Also, the bindings need to be a thoughtful interpretation of GTK in
the context of the language and its conventions.

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