Re: Making prerequisites easy

In message <>, Elli
ot Lee writes:
| would benefit GNOME as a whole. An example I can give right now is the
| audiofile library (a library that loads various audio file formats), which
| Tom Tromey suggested to use for loading sound effects and other useful
| sound-related functionality.

I'd be happier about audiofile if it didn't fall over on most of my sound 
files.  (It can't handle Sun .au format --- it rejects u-law encoding --- and 
seems to screw up some of my .wav files.  But I'm a sound luser... all I know 
about it is what I've been able to trick sox into telling me.)

I've been more worried about figuring out prerequisites for compiling GNOME... 
which is a superset of the runtime prerequisites question.  It would help a 
lot if there were some straightforward way to determine the prerequisites of 
any given GNOME package.

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