Trash bin for Gnome

One of the things that Gnome needs is a "trash bin" like application. This
utility would store files as they are deleted. 
Here is how it could work:

*MC for Gnome is set up to -move- files when the -delete- command is
initiated. Instead of deleting the file MC will transparently move the file to
a specified directory such as /deleted . MC will APPEAR to delete the file.
*Files moved into the new directory will still keep their original location.
eg. A file in /home/dill/mine is deleted and MC moves it to
/deleted/home/dill/mine . 

*The application is then run that interprets the directories and shows the
files. The app could be set up to show the directory structure or just the
filename and hide the structure.

*The application should be able to -restore- the file to the original

eg. The file in /deleted/home/dill/mine is moved back to /home/dill/mine ! 

*Features that should be incluced: individually selecting files to restore,
empty(really deletes the files), empty after certain age of file, and many

Tell me what you think and how else the app could work. I can't program yet
but I am learning so someone else should take over and do this. It should be
easy to do because it's very simple. All that we really need to to is change
MC and build a app that reads the /deleted folder!


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