Re: Future of GNOME

On 14-Oct-98 Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> We have serveral programs which use something like multiple documents
> (ghex, gedit, ..). But some use gnome-mdi, others not - resulting in a
> inconsitent
> UI.

I was under the impression ghex used Gnome-MDI, since the author of ghex is
also the author of Gnome-MDI - thought he was using ghex as a testing grounds
for it for a while... As for gEdit, the reason it uses its own custom MDI, is
because A) gEdit had the document tabs before Gnome-MDI existed, and B) gEdit
supports both gnome and gtk-only. gEdit will convert to using Gnome-MDI at some
point for the gnome version, but it's not extremely high on the priority list.

Evan Lawrence,
WorldPath Internet Services

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