Re: Future of GNOME

> gnome-mdi:
> I've written two programs where it's possible to use
> the gnome-mdi interface. But it seems that there is no common acceptance
> on
> gnome-mdi, although it's in the core libraries.
I think this is a must-have. A common MDI-Interface is very important for a consistent look-and-feel.

> baboon:
> What's the state of baboon? Will gnome use a software component model?
> (gwp doesn't use corba/baboon).
Definitely important. I know that most people reading this list don't like this, 
but I've tried KDE and KOffice and it seems that 'their' component 
model works as it should. Maybe this could be adopted ?

>     Tom Tromey wrote:
>     >(In a very cool world it would be possible to specify the file manager
>     >to use on a per-directory basis.  This could be done by using CORBA to
>     >look up the appropriate file manager object for a given directory, and
>     >then overriding the choice for magic directories like the control
>     >center.)
This would be a useul feature.

I would like to read other opinions on this topic.

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