Re: Windows and DLLs

On Thu, 01 Oct 1998 15:46:37 EDT Tim Moore wrote:

> There's nothing in the app-wrapper system that precludes (or even
> discourages) sysadmins from installing apps and libraries in
> system-global locations. The difference is that it no longer *relies*
> on them to do so.

Does it discourage admins and users from  installing different versions
of an app, with different libraries? And if not: How can I (as admin)
make sure that a user actually gets the version I've installed if he
starts ""? What about sharing ressources (libs, icons,
dictionaries, plugins), if every app comes in such a wrapper? 

I may have a totally wrong understanding of this concept, so I should
wait for something to read on. Sorry for any ramblings...



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