GNOME should continue!

As a Free Software user, I hope to say that GNOME as it stands now should 
continue.  It is a proff that you can do it with C, and other variety of reasons

Competiton is good.  

Please ignore the "parting" messages, which clearly serve no purpose whatever.

Just hope GNOME and KDE can cooperate more, such that components can 
talk to each other.

GNOME is part of the Free Software Foundation's GNU Project, and the Free
Software Community shall continue to support it to make an free desktop 
which we know will serve Free OSes for years to come.


Li-Cheng Tai (Andy Tai)                       e-mail:

Free software:  the software by the people, of the people and for the people,
worldwide.  Develop! Share! Enhance! And enjoy!

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