Re: Project Scheduling Design

Michael Zucchi wrote:
> > I think that this is my first posting to this list after a couple of
> > months of watching it!
> >
> > I=B4m just beginning on discovering how gtk and gnome works, and I think
> > that I have an useable idea, please tell me if I=B4m wrong!
> >
> > The Canvas widget will be used to show the time-lines (I=B4m right?), I
> > think that the themes supported on Gtk can change the height of the
> > CList Items, so, the Canvas can go out of sync with the CList, and this
> > isn=B4t a good idea!
> >
> > Isn=B4t more simplest to do a litle derivation on the CList widget to
> > accept a little GnomeCanvas object only for the graphic time display? I
> > think that on this way the process is less painful and more efficient!
> Actually this is something I thought of too.  I'm not sure how
> flexible the existing clist widget is regards inserting graphics.  But
> it would provide the easiest solution, which as you say would scale
> properly.
> Otherwise the canvas would have to query the clist widget for its row
> height, if that is possible.

I know that it supports pixmaps and text and a widget! Ive readed this
now from gtkclist.h and im wondering if there is no need to derive the
CList widget! I cant find a gtk_clist_set_widget() function, but I
think that it can be implemented easy!

About the height of the cell, I think that a centered (not using the
full height), well designed (with shadows and rounded corners) line  can
do a good job!

Best Regards,
Claudemir Todo Bom <>
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