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> Dear Joe,  I too, look forward to the day I can tell my friends
> "Here, just insert this CD in drive D and hit enter ! "
> It would be nicer for me if the Linux-GNU-gnome stuff was a lot
> easier to install.
> I've spent a couple of weeks (off and on, of course) installing a Red
> Hat 5.0.  I use System Commander to boot it, as LILO seemed to
> corrupt my MBR (as if I knew what an MBR was last March ! ), and can

I agree about LILO. They actually have 2 mode to install: 1) to MBR 2)
to Linux partition. I alwais use second mode and even don't understand
why they still uses this 1) mode and even install it by default. You
have a prompt in any distribution setup. Just selet second.Actually, in
mode 1) you don't touch MBR and if something wrong you can alwais boot
DOS floppy and make command "fdisk /MBR".

> login as root and startx but CAN NOT dial my ISP to download
> Netscape or  gzzzzz or tar balls let alone anything gnome.
> I will enjoy Linux much more when I can dial with it.  Can you HELP ?
> Thanks, Jon Dowd
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