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> De : Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn <>
> A : Caolan McNamara <>
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> Objet : Re: Bugs & Probs with the panel.
> Date : jeudi 28 mai 1998 19:34
> On Thu, 28 May 1998, Caolan McNamara wrote:
> > another little HCI gotcha is menus, if theres more entries on the menu than

> > fits on the screen there should be the capacity to scroll the menu so that
> > can select any of the entries, you can see that xaw doesnt have any
> > cunning way to do this so for instance on my machine with loads
> > of fonts i cant select past the ones beginning with c with xfontsel as they

> > are listed in a menu thats too long to fit on screen. 

Yes, this is a _BIG_ problem ...
> 	A good way to work around this problem is to make xfontsel a shell
> script which will preload the nextaw library THEN call the real xfontsel. 
> This makes that problem go away.  I highly recommend it. 

And this is _NOT_ a solution. Well, perhaps you're happy with xfontsel that
way, but it's really a silly problem. 

I'm afraid GTK+ has the same behaviour, and I can only hope that it is on the
TODO list of the GTK folks. I discovered that I couldn't select the image I
wanted when they were about 50 of them loaded in the (great) GIMP. And I'm not
sure that 'preloading' NeXTaw would have solved that problem ;-)

It really makes me sick that such a problem still exists in 1998, while we have
got tons of icons, 3D borders, OpenGL widgets, etc. One should really have a
look at that NeXTaw library menu code.

A part ca, thank you very much for all these wonderful projects growing
everywhere ... keep up the good work :)


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