Re: Icons on the desktop

On 5/5/98 1:14 PM George said:

>how about this solution, the gmc will always be run, just like the
>panel, therefore it would always be loaded, it wouldn't have an exeit
>button, but a logout button that would send the session manager logout,
>just like if you press logout on the panel ...
>gmc should also function without any of it's windows open, ... I think
>it is confusing that gmc is doing more then a filemanager if it in fact
>is a core app, that is basically needed for the desktop, so it shouldn't
>act just like any app
>on startup gmc should register itself, and it doesn't have to start any
>of it's windows, then if a user clicks on the file manager icon in the
>panel, it just wakes up the file manager and starts a window ...
>gmc is nice and small in memory (compared to other such apps) so we're
>not loosing much by leaving it in all the time

This is exactly what I am talking about!  If gmc were to behave as
described about, it would be comparable to any other desktop solution.
The only other feature that I would add is the ability for the icons to
maintain themselves on a layer that is always below everything else, ala,
every other desktop.


Kevin Birch

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