Re: gnome-stock pixmaps

Raul> OK: Applies the current settings and closes the dialog
Raul> APPLY: Applies the current settings, so you can see if you like them
Raul> CANCEL: Reverts the settings to those before opening the dialog
Raul> (HELP: Brings up some contextual help)

Raul> This way unexperienced users must not fear to screw up their
Raul> settings.  Comments?

Oh, no... the button conversation is re-opened.

Your proposal has the problem that the Cancel button works like no
other cancel button in the world.

Note that the current PropertyBox API does *not* support any notion of
Undo.  That would be useful to add.  The critical part (as I mentioned
the last time this thread came up) is getting the model right.  The
actual buttons are easier to change than the underlying model, and in
fact the actual buttons should be changeable on the fly.


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