starting session

> Sergey> The gnome related part:
> Sergey>                 gnome-session &
> Sergey>                 exec fvwm2
> Sergey> Is it correct?
> Not quite.  Instead run your window manager first, and then exec
> gnome-session.

 I acually meant to put them that order. Do not understand why it
endup the other way.(:

> Note that a program must see the right setting for the SESSION_MANAGER
> environment variable in order to contact the session manager.  This
> means that as long as you start the wm and gnome-session separately,
> programs run from the wm won't contact the session manager.  This is
> losing.  The best fix is to fix a wm to be a session client.

 I guess that mean, that for now starting applications, and exit from
wm should be disabled (no applications and exit buttons in wm
menus). That reminds kde setup, where kwm does not have menu to launch
applications. I guess it might be usefull to have simple examples of
~/.Xclient, ~/.xsession and /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession files, as well as
simple, GNOME compatible twmrc, fvwmrc, fvwm2rc, and etc. I'll do it.


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