Re: GTK Netscape is impossible

Quoting Graham Hughes (
> > Since Netscape is released under the Netscape Public Licence (NPL) and not
> > the GPL as GTK it breaks the GTK to port netscape to GTK. (No program can
> > use bits of a GPL program without being released GPL).
> Not true on two counts.  First; GTK is LGPLed, which does permit this sort of 
> cross pollination.  Secondly, a GPLed library (say, GMP) can be used through 
> an API (NPL FAQ, question #12); this API could easily be defined to be the 
> normal C interface to the library.

if we are talking about the same GMP ... it's under LGPL as well ... I just
checked the dist I have ... (2.0.2)


George Lebl <>
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