Re: libgnomeui wants gdk_imlib_*()

    csmall> ../libgnomeui/.libs/ undefined reference to
    csmall> `gdk_imlib_init' ../libgnomeui/.libs/
    csmall> undefined reference to
    csmall> `gdk_imlib_create_image_from_xpm_data' make[2]: ***
    csmall> [ted_demo] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory
    csmall> `/home/csmall/gnome/gnome-libs/libgnomeui'

    csmall> OK, so where is gdk_imlib_*() hiding and how do I get it?

Your problem might be at configuration stage.  Why don't you remove
all config.cache files (there could be some in subdirs) and re-run
configure.  This time pay attention (or check config.log) to whether
the test for gdk_imlib works.  If it works, then -lgdk_imlib should
appear on the link lines.  If that configure test fails, then you need
to check your LIBRARY_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or look at config.log
carefully, to see why it can't find that library.

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