Re: Can't start gnome

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998 wrote:

> I just compiled and installed 0.20. I've had the same ping.c and
> gdiskfree problem someone reported earlier if that's of interest. My

Known problems in 0.20 ...

> bigger problem though is that I can't start the desktop. When I launch

This was also discussed.  I don't have a terminal on that box, but from an
already running X session on another machine, I simply typed
"gnome-session" and all was well.

gnome has some interesting stuff, but KDE is _far_ more advanced; at least
from what I've seen.  With 0.20 all you basically get is a launchbar, file
manager, and help viewer.  Definately a development/proof-of-concept type 
release.  But still pretty cool.  Nothing wrong with being behind.  :)

$0.02 - something that would be nice would be a remote management utility
for gnome.  There's web based stuff out now that could be integrated, but
how about something in Java?  All in good time, I'm sure...

Christopher Curtis               -
Florida Institute of Technology  - System Administrator, Programmer
Melbourne, Florida  USA          -

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