Re: Can someone explain SGML to me?

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Mark Galassi wrote:

>     Todd> I'm rewriting the FAQ from the ground up, and I need info on
>     Todd> SGML.  How does one write SGML docs?  Do you just have to
> If you mean the LinuxDoc DTD, then I can't help you (I don't know much
> about it) except to say that it is being phased out in favor of
> DocBook, and the LinuxDoc dudes are also addressing the FAQ
> deficiency by lobbying to get DocBook modified.

Sorry; I was looking for this information in order to write an FAQ
entry on the documentation system, not to figure out how to use SGML
on the FAQ.  In retrospect that was a little ambiguous.

The rest of your message was great; thanks, Mark!

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