Re: slash

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Justin Maurer wrote:
> it's a long story, but i finally got gnome going on my new debian hamm
> box (i had backups, but i lost everything - long story, don't ask)
> i re-started to hack on an applet, and started making actual progress this
> time. when it's finished, it'll be a news ticker for -
> showing the most recent headlines.

Oooooh.  /. ticker!  Want!

> i'm interested in any feedback (read: ideas), as i have little code
> written (but no responsibilities for 2+ months, so it should be too long
> before something usable is out) and could easily redo anything without
> having to change around a lot of code

My only suggestion is to get a prototype, even a broken one, up early, so
we can look at the implementation and gripe about all the things that you
should have done 'this way' :-).

Actually, the slashdot icon of the most recent news article, linked to the
search, followed by a scroll of the current page of headlines, linked to
the main page would be really nice.


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