Re: Remote display bug in Gnome/imlib snapshot 980624

> imlib has its own config file for all its options (it doesn't know
> what cmd line options you gave a program - it shouldnt need to know) and
> it did, before the  last CVS changes detect if you were unable to do shm
> (for 1.6) use the 1.6 release and dont use imlib from CVS - if it hasnt
> been fixed by the last modifier by this afternoon I'm reverting imlib's
> code to a "known stabil" version.

ARGH!!!  I've had enough.  Will someone give this guy a dictonary so
he can learn to bloody well spell!!!!?????   *grin*

STABLE STABLE  Not bloody stabil!!!!!!!!!!  SHEESH!!!!

Next you'll be saying simular!!!!

 Z :)

PS please excuxe me, this is a rather inebriated Satureday evening :)

     ///   `... thinking is an exercise to which all too few brains
    ///     are accustomed.' - First Lensman, E.E. `Doc' Smith
 \\\/   Michael Zucchi, B.E.       

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