Re: Where to find RPMS (was Re: HELP - HELP !!!)

Quoting Preben Randhol (
> *
> | >I just installed gnome .20 (rpm) on a rh linux 5.0 system, and the panel
> | and background-properties
> | >doesn't work, because of a missing lib. This lib is called
> | >Where can I get this file?
> | >Please reply ASAP - Gnome rocks!!!
> | 
> | For all RPM users, I recommend
> | Gigabytes of RPMs, for a lot of different distros and architectures.
> I would recommend <> here you can
> search for the missing rpm or other packages...

  Ok, since it's promotion time for solutions to RPM upgrade hassle,
I suggest people have a look at rpmfind, this tool, allow to search and
upgrade packages, in an automated way. It locate the "best" package(s)
needed (it solves the dependency search too), and even do the transfer for
you ...

int the concrete example at the origin of ths thread here is what it
takes to solve it:

~ -> rpmfind -latest
bad option 'instchangelog' at /usr/lib/rpmrc:15
Installing will require 1095 KBytes

### To Transfer:
Do you want to download these files to /tmp [Y/n/a] ? : y
Download libstdc++-2.8.1-1.i386.rpm [Y/n/a] ? :y
saving to /tmp/libstdc++-2.8.1-1.i386.rpm
~ -> 


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