Need help -- please

I have for the last week tried to figure out how to draw two pixmaps
on top of each other. I load the data with the
gdk_pixmap_colormap_create_from_xpm which is very slow by the way,
should I use imlib? Then I draw several pixmap (squares) on a larger
pixmap generated with gdk_pixmap_new (board) with the
gdk_draw_pixmap. Which I then draw on a drawarea.  I now want to put
some pixmaps with a transparent colour (pawns) on top of this board
pixmap. Everything works but the transparent colour. This gets white
or grey depending on what I specify the transparent colour when
loading the pixmap.

I tired to use gtk_pixmap_new and draw everything in a fixed
widget. This worked, but then everything got very slow and flickering
when the window needed to be updated.

If you think you know what the problem is please please let me know.

As you might have guessed, I'm working on a small board game (which at
least I find very addictive) No it's not Chess, but Hnefatafl. Have a
look at <> and
<> for more info on the
game. I'll put up a page with my code as soon as I can get this shape
problem solved :) 

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