RE: panel question (swallowing)

On 22-Jun-98 Michael Lausch wrote:
>browsing the sources i found that the identifiers "Swallow" and
>"Extern" (sp?) are available as attributes to applications started by
>the panel.
>"Extern" kust starts an application in it's own root window.
>"Swallow" seems only to work with gnome applets.
>My question is: Is anybody working on swallowing arbitrary
>applications (the fvwm-pager as a substitute for pager_applet,
>xosview, xconsole, asclock and various other goodies) into the panel?
>if not, are there any ideas how this can be done (without wm support)?

as to how it can be done, ive some information on swallowing X apps at,
and some simple sample code that does the job, its fairly easy to do, the
page gives a run down of the catches and issues involved, it does work
well in practice, and ive used swallowing arbitary X apps to implement
a generic plugin for netscape
(watch out for the bit where the code diverges from the page, i didnt 
implement fully correctly by the book waiting until being allowed to reparent
the window, so you should do as i say, not as i do :-) )


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