Re: Imlib bug in 24-bit mode

On Sat, 20 Jun 1998 wrote:

> On 18 Jun, Andrew V. Shuvalov shouted:
> ->  Imlib crashes ( starting panel ) in both 8 and 24-bits modes:
> ->  
> ->  1. In 8-bit mode panel writes:
> ->  GImLib ERROR: Cannot find palette file /usr/local/etc/im_palette.pal
> ->  gdk_imlib: Cannot Find Palette. A Palette is required for this mode
> it seems u didnt install imlib (make install) or the install process
> was unable to install the im_palette.pal in the correct spot. 
> ->  and coredump in line 1638, /imlib/gdk_imlib/load.c, while
> ->  'id' is NULL. Code is 'if (id->cache.on_image)'
> thats cause imlib was unable to initialise.
> ->  2. In 24-bit mode it crashes in line 3982, /imlib/gdk_imlib/rend.c
> ->  code '*img++ = b;',   function "grender_24_fast_mod"
> turn fastrender off. (if u see the system imrc it says "only use it if
> it works.. it mightn't work for you")

The problem was that the jmp wasn't being calculated correctly.  It looks
like the code was cut and pasted from the 32 bit case.  The problem is in
the 24 bit case *img is a char pointer :).  I have committed fixes to the
tree that work for me.

Manish Vachharajani

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