Re: imlib and 24bit color, byte order

> ->
> ->  The colors come out as if the byte order were bgr.
> yest again.. turn fastrender off.. :) its an optimisation to bypass a
> layer of byte endianess conversion iuf the ednianess and order is
> exactly as expected and doesnt have to be twiddled much.

Thanks, now it works.

> ->  I think this is because the server wants LSBFirst byte order, but the 24
> ->  bit render code puts it in MSBFirst. Looking
> ->  at the imlib render code, I think that there will be portability problems
> ->  with all color depths when the client is Little endian and the server
> ->  wants MSBFirst byte order, does anyone disagree?
> i have code in misc.c that turns off fastrender if the client and server
> differ in endianess.. adding mroe checks there might be the way to go..

Yep, now you have to start panel to configure Imlib, but can't start panel before
Imlib is configured :)


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