ANNOUNCE: Gyahtzee - yahtzee dice game for gnome

Source and screenshot at:

Build requires gnome-games/ subdir with contents.  I expected this
to be part of CVS and it is built as such.  I don't know if it will
work without changing gnome-games/Makefile. in the
gyatzee dir is newer than Makefile, so if you type make, it should
rebuild Makefile using the config.status in gnome-games.  Make sense?
This would be a lot easier with CVS write access.

If you want to try making it without a makefile, just compile and link
all the *.c files except cyahtzee.c.  It's left as an exercise for
the reader to determine the appropriate -I/-L flags and libs.  libintl
will probably be the only hard one.

Any feedback (after you get it to compile) is appreciated.  Tested with
CVS which I last had accessed May 25.


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 is what entertainment is all about ... Idiots, explosives
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