Re: Development question.

>     Samus> I have been using linux for a little while now and want to
>     Samus> try to write a program.  I was wondering what kind of IDE
>     Samus> most people use?  I downloaded C-Forge but it was kind of
>     Samus> awkward and crashed a lot.  Thanks in advance,
> I think most GNU-style UNIX hackers use emacs as their integrated
> development environment.  You can compile, jumpt to errors, and debug
> inside emacs, and it's very nice.

you might want to also check out wily.  its based on acme, a user
interface for plan9 that was written by rob pike.  it takes a bit of
getting used to since its very different from the usual
editor/interface, but is pretty nice once your going.  i've heard it
called "oberon for unix".

check out for more info


john cummings

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