Re: Just some ideas

Miguel de Icaza writes:
>Apparently a lot of people want to see LDAP support for various GNOME
>tools, it would be worth investing some time researching this.  Do we
>have free client code for LDAP?  Are there free LDAP servers
>available?  Where can we find more information about this?

There's the umich ldap server and client that support ldap v2 freely available.
Note: I haven't tried those rpms, I just found them...

"the ldap book" is "LDAP: Programming Directory-Enabled Applications with
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol", Tim Howes, Mark Smith, Macmillan,
ISBN 1-57870-000-0

In particular, people probably want to access standard "inetorgperson"
directories; some ISPs, for example, create LDAP directories of their
subscribers.  netscape is able to access these directories.  Netscape
is a big fish in the LDAP world; they hired the folks who created LDAP
away from umich and netscape now has their own enhanced LDAP server
and client library.

That useful?


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 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz
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