imlib 1.6, libpng 1.0.1 problems...

So after hacking the libpng makefile to install a, running ldconfig
and re-compiling everything to get them to use libpng 1.0.1 rather than 0.89,
I'm running into problems... a bunch of things are giving me the same error:

(null): Undefined symbol "_png_check_sig" called from
gmc:/usr/local/lib/ at 0x815016c

(null): Undefined symbol "_png_check_sig" called from
same-gnome:/usr/local/lib/ at 0x80b916c

(null): Undefined symbol "_png_check_sig" called from
freecell:/usr/local/lib/ at 0x830516c
[ Doesn't happen until I attempt to drag a card onto another card which
is already occupying a freecell... ]

(null): Undefined symbol "_png_check_sig" called from
ee:/usr/local/lib/ at 0x80f616c
[ If I try to open a png file... ]

I'm stumped.  I've removed, ran ldconfig, recompiled imlib
[1.6], recompiled [g]mc... 'ldconfig -r' shows that it's pointing to the
correct libpng.  'nm /usr/local/lib/libpng.a' shows that _png_check_sig is
a valid symbol:

root@ip-206-79-223-161$ [/tmp] nm /usr/local/lib/libpng.a
000000b4 T _png_check_sig

However, 'nm /usr/local/lib/libgdk_imlib.a' shows the following:

root@ip-206-79-223-161$ [~] nm /usr/local/lib/libgdk_imlib.a
         U _png_check_sig

Utterly confused,

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