Re: midi player?

Tristan Tarrant wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Zack Williams wrote:
> > Is there going to be support for awemidi? It would be nice for
> Whatever you want. It's just a matter of adding a new backend, and disabling
> the one you don't want (for example use awemidi instead of playmidi).
> > Also, does Esound support music coprocessors like the AWE and the
> > Ultrasound? If not could it be extended to do this, like having
> You should ask the Esound maintainer. gnome-media is not concerned with the
> lowlevel details.

EsounD has a mechanism for "caching" samples in the server, for playback 
by identification number.  This still needs some fine tuning, but the 
basic support is there.  A useful optimization (i.e. something I'm not 
going to get to for a little while) would be to cache the sound on the
sound card itself, and trigger playback from EsounD.  I'd need to check 
the OSS driver level interface for how to implement such a feature, but
hardware and driver interface permitting it could be done.

Midi support is another matter entirely.  It may make sense to have a 
single midi process writing to /dev/sequencer at a time, and be able to 
send that midi stream via the network, but two such processes could 
easily step on each other's "sound palettes", and cause great cacophony, 
on the order of John Cage (e.g. Music for Twelve Radios).  As such, I am 
hesitant at this time to add midi support to EsounD.

> Tristan

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