Re: Questions about XML

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It's a pretty good PC Magazine article about XML.  I don't know if it will
answer your question exactly, but it's a good starting point.

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Windows 95/98 DOES come with a tool that lets you
rebuild a corrupted Registry.  It's called FDISK.

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Dirk Luetjens wrote:

> sorry if this sound stupid and novice, but I have never dealt with XML
> data, yet. I followed the discussion on the list about implementing XML
> within GNOME. I know that you XML is kind of SGML data, where you have a
> structured layout within your file. It was said, that XML can store
> arbitrary any data, but how is this done? Is this a kind of generell
> configuration data reading library, where you provide the layout of your
> configuration file and the library fills in the datastructures? Is it
> possible to write a generic configuration engine, which is capable of
> configuring everything with the knowledge of the layout? 
> Or what else can XML do to me? 
> I thought about that, cause in the future I need to store some complex
> data in a configuration file, and was thinking about the way doing it.

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