Re: gnome .20 and g_strdelimit

>>>>> "steve" == steve fisk <> writes:

steve> the gnome distribution  from redhat 5.1 worked fine for me.
steve> After installing .20 I now get an error message 

steve> /usr/lib/;  undefined symbol:  g_strdelimit

steve> What is the cause of (and solution to) this?

I had the same problem. Be sure that the package glib-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm
is properly installed (it wasn't for me because the rpm -U command
thought that the already installed package was newer). Works fine
for me now.

My turn for some questions:

I have redefined some pixmaps and command parameters for buttons in the
panel (clicking the right mouse button and choosing 'properties'). Then
log off the panel... and when I came back nothing is saved. The push buttons
I added to the panel are here, but with the original pixmaps and command
parameters. Is it a 'yet to be implemented feature' ?

I want to start the pager applet. The error message says that the window
manager must have an XA extension or something like that... I use fvwm2,
what should I use instead ?

Thanks for any tips,


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