Re: mount application

Josh> i was pondering the idea of creating a gui mount manager
Josh> application that would allow users to mount drives (floppy,
Josh> hard, zip, network).  i am in the process of learning gtk+ and i
Josh> thought it would cool to gnome-ify the application.  i figure
Josh> many linux users will prefer to simply mount drives manually,
Josh> but for many newbies it could be kinda handy.  any idea if this
Josh> would be at all useful?

It might be useful.  There are various caveats to doing it in full
generality (you have to be root to mount arbitrary things).

There's already a drivemount applet for the panel.  Does it do what
you want?

Josh> speaking of newbies, i seem to be one when it comes to gnome.
Josh> after reading the documentation on, i am still
Josh> somewhat confused on what it means to actually gnome-ify
Josh> applications.  does it simply mean that i must call some gnome
Josh> init functions and use their graphics?

Yes, right now Gnomification basically means:

* Use gtk for general GUI stuff
* Use gettext for internationalization
* Use the Gnome libraries for higher-level GUI stuff and other things
  (e.g., dialogs, config saving, session management)

Hope this helps.  You still have to read a fair amount of source to
get anything done...


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