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Tristan Tarrant wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, sun wrote:
> > > I presume you mean SANE scanner module? TWAIN is Windows only software
> > > API.
> >
> > <glancing at mac laptop with adobe photoshop and color-it, both with
> > twain-compliant scanner interfaces> it is not.
> In fact it isn't Windows-only. But it is just an interface between the
> applications and the scanner driver. It is not a protocol for sending
> commands to the scanner.
> Tristan
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Exactly...well almost.  TWAIN is a COMMON interface between
 apps and the scanner driver. ie.
[any TWAIN compliant app] <-> [TWAIN module] <-> [any TWAIN
compliant driver]  The task would still exist to write the
scanner-specific drivers.  Not really a small problem considering the
numerous scanners available.


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