Re: wrong list?

Date sent:      	Sun, 7 Jun 1998 17:39:40 -0500 (CDT)
From:           	Paul Johnson <>
To:             	Pollywog <>
Subject:        	Re: wrong list?

> It is not developers only, but most of the discussion is by 
> developers and users get ignored on a regular basis.
> Seems random.  If they think you have not made a good
> faith effort to figure it out for your self, they ignore
> you fur sure.
> pj

Thanks for not ignoring me :)

I *thought* I had made an effort to figure out my problem without actually 
attempting to install the gnome packages and possibly messing up my system 
with packages intended only for glib2.

I might have to take that risk, it seems, either that or find something else to 

My apologies to the person to whom I sent my question in error.  I think either 
my mailer is "broken" or else the "reply" button sends replies to the original 
poster and not to the list.  I should have made sure it was going to the list and 
not to the person who first replied to my question.


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