Re: Proper way to compile GMC? (Curtiss Howard) writes:

> How exactly do I compile GMC?  Do I compile MC first and then go to the 
> "gnome" directory and run "make gmc" or what?  I can't seem to get it to 
> compile, once it starts linking it starts bitching about all sorts of 
> errors in a couple C files and whatnot.  What exactly must I compile 
> before compiling GMC?
You have to install gtk+, mico, imlib and gnome-libs as a bare minimum
and then:

[root]/usr/src/mc-4.1.35 > ./configure --help | grep gnome
  --with-gnome-includes   Specify location of GNOME headers
  --with-gnome-libs       Specify location of GNOME libs
  --with-gnome            Specify prefix for GNOME files
[root]/usr/src/mc-4.1.35 > 

You should be real man enough to know what to do with this info.

> PS. Thoughts on GHOME thusfar: Still haven't gotten it all compiled 
> after two days.  And compiling MICO takes fucking forever.  And all 
> these CORBA libraries are taking up tons of space.  How is GNOME going 
> to compete with KDE if it's so fucking huge?
Please guard your language before asking questions in such a bad
mannered way.  A bit more politeness would be really nice dealing with
the people doing all the hard and dirty work of creating Gnome for
you.  And please don't complain about things which are not done yet,
but are still in plain development.  Gnome is still not for real usage
and you are granted the advantage to glimpse into the pre-release
development process and possibly help in debugging.  If that is not
what you want please check out something else before molesting the
developers with foul language.

Take care to either not compile the Gnome sources with debugging
turned on or simply strip the resulting binaries (--> man strip).
KDE is pretty huge BTW when you don't strip the binaries.

                              Thank you, P. *8^)
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