Directory Tree and Plug-in viewers on GMC

hi everyone,

Im comming with some sugestions to the GNOME project (GMC to be more
acurate), one of it someone has already writen about, it this the
Directory Tree, it will be useful to help migration of users, and it is
very useful to experienced users, and the another:

Sometime ago (in the old times of Win31) Ive seen a file manager
divided in tree frames (someting like the Netscape Mail 3.0):

| Root     |File1     File info   |
|   Dir1   |File2     File info   |
|   Dir2   |File3     File info   |
|   Dir3   |File4     File info   |
|          +----------------------+
|          |Visualization of selec|
|          |ted file.             |

Im thinking that we can do this:

* using mime types to select the apropriated viewer;
* using CORBA to embed it on the visualizatio frame,
  like panel do with the applets;
* To prevent for high IO trafic and processing,
  plug-in must be caled if only one file is selected
  and no action is given for a little time (something
  about a half second), this will avoid to display
  when the user want to copy it, or do any other action.

I think that this will be useful with sometink like EE (what do u think
Raster?), gnome ghostview, and many others

Im not a good programmer (yet), so, Im only sugesting this, maybe
sometime Ill try to do another things.

Please, think about

Regards (and sorry by my bad english)
Claudemir Todo Bom <>
Interests/Experiences: Linux, Networks, Netware, Programming
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