Re: Please READ -> GNOME Logo Usage

Okay, I've switched to using the "official GNOME logo" on all my GNOME web
pages, so that means everyone else has to too!  (I think at least the
gnome website needs to start using it instead of that
less-than-aesthetically-pleasing [sorry to whoever did it] "GNOME" thing
they have on now.)  If you want a copy of the little GNOME foot I made,
you can rip it off my page.

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On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Michael Fulbright wrote:

>We've had a GNOME logo winner for awhile now, but we're still using the
>'old' GNOME foot throughout the GNOME desktop. We'd like to ask
>that everyone migrate to tigert's winning logo (look at
>The xcf file is on as well.
>One point we've been advised on - whenever promoting GNOME (flyers, ads,
>webpages, etc) we need to make sure the 'GNOME' text appears beneath
>the logo graphics. 
>I wonder if someone/something needs to trademark the logo winner to
>protect it. Anyone know? 

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