Re: assertion failed ?

As I suspected, it's a typo.  That "giop_connectio" should be
"giop_connection".  Fix the source and it will probably work.

SOMEONE WITH CVS ACCESS FIX THIS!  (I would if I could but I can't)

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On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Ben Brown wrote:

>I have been using gnome for a good while now. Recently if I try to run
>panel (compiled from the latest cvs) it just dies with this error:
>** WARNING **: file connection.c: line 556 (iiop_get_fd): assertion
>"giop_connectio->connection_type != GIOP_CONNECTION_IIOP" failed.
>Would compiling mico and ORBit with -NDEBUG hurt/help anything. Any help
>is greatly appreciated. 

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