Re: Please READ -> GNOME Logo Usage

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Michael Fulbright wrote:
> I wonder if someone/something needs to trademark the logo winner to
> protect it. Anyone know? 

Sure, how are you going to have a protected trademark unless someone owns
the trademark? You have to send out threatening letters every time it's
used without permission. ;-) Seriously you should email Bruce Perens
( he researched all this for the Debian logo. More
seriously a lawyer should probably be consulted.

I didn't know there was an .xcf available, this morning I asked tigert for
a .png to put on CVS. If there's an .xcf I can make it myself though. Then
all the Gnome apps can use it. I could change gnome-default.png too if
there are no objections. 


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