Re: Screen sizes

My laptop will do 1024x768 on an external monitor, but its internal screen is
I had to purchase a commercial X-server to get 800x600 cause Xfree86 didnt
support the chipset and would only work in 640x480.

I don't know of many X programs that work in 640x480, so shooting for that low
of a resolution could be an unrealistic goal.  However, my laptop is my main
computer, so I'd really like it if Gnome looked good in 800x600!!

Eric Kidd wrote:

> What is the target screen size for Gnome? 640x480? 800x600?
> As things stand right now, Gnome doesn't work very well without a 1024x768
> screen. Applications like calendar stick off of both ends with anything
> smaller, and very little testing seems to have done on typical systems.

<stuff deleted>

-- Evan Langlois
aka WolfStone

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