Re: Understanding applets

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, George wrote:

> > Now I turn to applets 'little' programs that sit on the panel communicating by
> > cobra? So the panel is a container and these are objects. Is there some reason
> > why this is better than swallowing some apps, the mailcheck uses 3M of memory
> > for gods sake. Will that last problem be solved by orbit?
> well .. there are more things that are done with the applets then just
> simple swallowing .. they are more integrated into the panel ... they also
> have good session support without any work ... there can also be one
> process managing several applets (something that simple swallowing
> just can't do) .. so you don't need 3 separate processes if you put
> 3 different printer applets on the panel ...
> there is also a swallow applet which encapsulates some applet functionality
> around a swallowed application
> the 3M problem is actually a 1M problem (you need to subtract the shared
> memory) ... and yes this WILL be fixed with orbit ...

Umm, actually the applets are still around 650k a piece even with ORBit.
Some are smaller and some are larger, naturally.  Any ideas why?  I
haven't bothered trying to profile them.

Manish Vachharajani

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