Re: Understanding applets

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From: Kasper Peeters <>
To: <>
Date: 21. júlí 1998 21:12
Subject: Re: Understanding applets

>> well .. there are more things that are done with the applets then just
>> simple swallowing .. they are more integrated into the panel ... they
>> have good session support without any work ...
>I still have a hard time understanding why those 'little programs
>sitting in that rectangle at the bottom of my screen' are different
>from the 'big programs floating around in large windows above'. I mean,
>isn't an applet just a normal program that happens to implement a
>corba interface which allows the panel to swallow it and manage some
>of its display characteristics?

An applet is defined as an application program that runs inside another
application, but cannot be run directly from the operating system. So
basically the answer is no, applets are not just normal programs.

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