Re: More information on gnome executing problems

Miles> ** ERROR **: could not allocate 134217728 bytes

Miles> I did a backtrace on the execution and this is what I fount:
Miles> [ ... ]
Miles> #5  0x4008f91e in gnome_client_init () at gnome-client.c:314

Miles> I'm still having problems figuring out exactly what the problem
Miles> is: I'm running slack 3.5 with pgcc 1.0.3a and glibc-2.0.6.
Miles> Can anyone tell from this where the problem is or what I can do
Miles> get more information about it?

If you examine the code, you'll see it is growing a buffer whenever
getcwd() returns NULL.  Eventually the requested size is too large,
and the allocation fails.

The problem is that the code assumes that getcwd returns NULL if and
only if the buffer is too short.  But this is not really the case.  I
changed the code to check for errno==ERANGE as well.  I checked this

Maybe we shouldn't use getcwd in the first place.


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