Re: More panel problems

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:

> Ok, there are still problems moving an applet from one panel to another.
> Internal applets are fine, external ones exhibit the following
> behaviour...
> Move the applet into a drawer.  A gdb trace of the applet shows that the
> applet exited normally.

This is the fault of the panel. I don't know it well enough to fix it, but
I'm sure George will fix it sooner or later ;-)

As far as the other problems go, make sure you're using the latest ORBit &
gnome-core out of CVS, because things are under repair :)
-- Elliot
Do you ever just feel thankful that you know me and have access to my
dementia? Explain. Be prepared to discuss in class.

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