RE: GNOME spreadsheet work in progress

> A simple page layout application could be done by adding editing
> functionality to each item type and writing a much enhanced text item. A
> vector drawing program is the same application, in my view, with a
> slightly different set of possible objects to draw. And a presentations
> program just organizes and displays slides made in either of those
> applications and maybe links some of the text to a presentation outline or
> paper.  The plot program could save plots in this format, and then they
> could be edited or used in the other applications.
	Would this "format" not serve well to be XML, as I believe someone
is already working on a GNOME-based lib for the reading/writing of XML. They
intended that to be the internal document format, even went so-far as to
suggest that it be the internal object passing protocol. It sounds like the
"much enhanced text item" would fit perfectly as XML, IMHO.


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