Re: AM_PATH_GLIB - where ?

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From: Bobo Rajec <>
To: James Michael Mastros <>
Cc: <>;
Date: 20. júlí 1998 09:54
Subject: Re: AM_PATH_GLIB - where ?

>James Michael Mastros:
>> On Mon, Jul 20, 1998 at 11:29:02 AM +0200, Bobo Rajec wrote:
>> > I can't compile gnome, because autoconf does not find the AM_PATH_GLIB
>> > macro. I kibozed the whole gnome tree, and it's not defined there :
>> You should find it in the glib package (cvs -z3 checkout glib).
>Thanks, I did not realize glib has its own cvs module now.
> bobo

I made the same "mistake". Or rather, I was similarly mislead by old
documentation. Perhaps the maintainance of should
be given higher priority than it currently has. It would certainly save the
list members some repetitive work in the long run.

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